About us

Panacea Vet originates from the passion of a group of experienced veterinary specialists for teaching, for clinical practice and for evidence based medicine, with the ultimate goal of helping colleagues and improving the care and quality of life of pets.

We aim to achieve this goal through practical courses, providing top-quality teaching in a close, down-to-earth and immediately applicable way. In addition, we are committed to providing direct support after each course during the consolidation of knowledge and skills acquired through the Panacea Vet personalised specialist-led consultancy.


We, as experienced specialists aim to help colleagues in general practice to gain updated knowledge and skills through practical courses.


By teaching, training and helping our colleagues in general practice, we can contribute to improving the quality of life of pets.


Training with application to daily clinical practice

Diplomated specialists of international prestige

Audiovisual and practical content

Courses with European accreditation


Panacea Vet is officially recognised as a European VetCEE provider. VetCEE is the body of the European Board of Veterinary Specialization (EBVS) and the European Association for Establishment of Higher Veterinary Education (EAEVE) for the official accreditation of European postgraduate courses and programs.

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*We are a Center Registered in the State Registry of Training Entities with Registration Code No.: 99000249, complying with all the requirements of Law 30/2015.