Terms and conditions of contracting our services

Terms and conditions of contracting our services


This document (together with all the documents mentioned in it) establishes the conditions that govern the use of this Website, as well as the purchase and delivery of training in its various forms by Panacea Health S.L (hereinafter, PANACEA) owner from this page onwards Website and any USER who makes a purchase or enrollment in the different courses of our training offer, in

USER will be understood as the natural or legal person who, after accepting these Conditions, creates an account or registers as a student in our training offer.

We ask you to carefully read these Terms and Conditions, the Legal Notice, our Cookies Policy and our Privacy Policy before using this website. By using this website and registering as a user or student through it, you agree to be bound by them.


The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual sales relationship born between PANACEA and the USER at the time the USER accepts, during the contracting process, the “Terms and Conditions of Purchase” box that appears when placing the order.

The contractual relationship of sale entails the delivery of a specific service in exchange for a certain price and publicly displayed on the website. By checking and accepting the box, the USER must freely and voluntarily provide the personal data that will be required, which will be treated in accordance with the provisions of current regulations regarding the protection of personal data, detailed in our Privacy Policy. Privacy.

The USER declares that he has read these conditions, declares that he accepts them and grants his express consent to all the content of the contract in the version published at the time of acceptance, committing without reservation to its compliance.

These conditions will have an indefinite period of validity and will be applicable to all contracts made through the website.

Once the user account has been created, it is reported that in accordance with the requirements of article 27 of Law 34/2002, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the contracting procedure will continue the following steps:

1. Identification of the parts

PANACEA, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy, is the provider of the Services offered. The USER is identified through the data provided in the order or registration form, and is responsible for their veracity, updating and accuracy. The USER declares that he or she is over 18 years of age, has the legal capacity to enter into contracts, and acts in his or her own name as a natural person or on behalf of a legal entity. In this second case, the Client expressly declares to have sufficient power for said representation. PANACEA may not respond to order requests or cancel customer accounts when the data provided is inaccurate, false or incomplete.

2. Object

This contract regulates the terms and conditions applicable to the USER’s contracting of PANACEA training services through enrollment in the training action selected among those offered on the Website. These conditions are formulated in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996, of November 15. January, on the Regulation of Retail Trade, and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on information society services and electronic commerce.

3. Description of products and services

Our training offer is offered on the Website in its different face-to-face, blended or online modalities. In the “semi-presence or online” training actions, the teaching materials will be available on the website, once registered and paid for the course on “Campus”, through which the USER will be able to carry out the study, advance in the course and present, where appropriate, the required evaluation evidence. The USER will have a “Forum” tutoring service to resolve doubts, in the terms offered on the website. The forms of communication with the teaching staff will be channels enabled for this purpose on the online platform. The individual file for each training action provides information on the course modality, format, ECTS credits, price, teaching staff, duration, as well as other characteristics relevant to the completion of the course. At the end of the training action, if the established evaluation tests are passed, if applicable, the USER will obtain a title issued by the Center. Some of our training actions have the support or collaboration of third entities (Universities, Accreditation Associations of national and international programs for Continuing Veterinary Education, etc.), so it is possible that additional access requirements, deadlines may be required. of study and/or evaluation. In no case does payment for the training action entail the issuance and sending of the accreditation diploma, as this is subject to compliance with all the requirements that make up the training activity. In the case of partial compliance but due attention to the course, it will be You will obtain a Panacea-Vet Assistance Certificate.

4. Purchasing process

Hiring a training action is done through the following steps:

a. To any USER can access free of charge the extensive information and prices of each training action offered on the Website without the need to register or provide their data

b. Before making a purchase or order, the user can request information for free using the means indicated in the “Contact” section of the Website, previously accepting our Privacy Policy

c. If you have decided to formalize the purchase of the course, the USER must click on the “Finish purchase” section and complete the billing form with the data marked as mandatory. You must select the payment method and enter the data for it according to the chosen method, as well as check the box, in the courses enabled for this, for splitting the payment with the collaborating financial institution. For more information, consult the “Payment Methods” section of these conditions

d. In order to formalize the purchase process, the Client must check the box “I have read and accept the privacy policy and “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of purchase”. The contract will be formalized at the time of receipt of the application by the Center.

e. At the end of the process, PANACEA will send acknowledgment of receipt by email or other equivalent means of electronic communication. PANACEA will contact the USER by telephone and, if not possible, via email, in order to confirm all personal data for registration, the payment method and the sending of teaching material, if applicable.

f. Durante todo el proceso de compra el USUARIO podrá resolver cualquier duda a través de los datos de contacto que figuran en nuestro Sitio Web. El uso de estos canales para la tramitación del pedido no supondrá ningún coste adicional para el USUARIO.

5. Service activation

PANACEA will not activate any service until it has verified that payment has been made. As the order does not entail the physical delivery of any product, the contracted services being downloaded or activated directly from the Website, PANACEA will inform the USER regarding the procedure that must be followed to carry out this download or activation.

6. Failure to execute the remote contract

  • In the case of the provision of an online training course, it will be available from the moment the USER has made payment for it and may be downloaded or activated according to the conditions established by PANACEA.
  • If the contract cannot be executed because the contracted service is not available within the expected period, the USER will be informed of the lack of availability and will be entitled to cancel the order and receive a refund of the total amount paid at no cost. and without this resulting in any liability for damages attributable to PANACEA.
  • PANACEA will not assume any responsibility when the download or activation of the course does not take place, due to the data provided by the USER being false, inaccurate or incomplete.
  • PANACEA does not assume any responsibility derived, or that may arise, from the use that users make of the information and content of this website.
  • Despite having taken all necessary precautions to provide current and accurate information on the website, PANACEA cannot guarantee the updating of all the information provided or the absence of errors or omissions.
  • PANACEA reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to its website for reasons related to the improvement, maintenance or review of content or programming, and also for any other reason.
  • The provision of the service will be considered completed at the time the USER has downloaded or activated the training course.

7. Withdrawal

In accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the USER may exercise their right of withdrawal, without any type of justification, within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of registration. The right of withdrawal may not be applied in the following cases:

  • When the USER is a legal entity that does not act in a field outside of a business or professional activity.
  • Once the training course has been completely or mostly executed, in the case of courses issued online, when the execution has begun, the USER will have lost his or her right of withdrawal.
  • In the provision of services tailored to the USER’s specifications or clearly personalized.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal will not be subject to any formality, it being sufficient for the USER to communicate to PANACEA their unequivocal desire to withdraw within the period indicated above, identifying the invoice number or personal data used in the contract, by any means that allows. stating constancy. Once the USER has exercised the right of withdrawal, the amounts paid by the USER will be refunded within a maximum period of 30 calendar days, canceling the USER’s registration and access to the service of the corresponding training action.

8. Payment Methods

During the purchasing process, the different payment options available will appear. You must pay the amount set for the requested Service, in full. Accepted payment methods are those available on the PANACEA website.

The deposit of checks or similar will not be accepted in any of our bank accounts. The price of each training action is shown in the individual file accessible on the Website.

In the event that the USER registers using a discount code, they must meet the requirements demanded by PANACEA and which entitle them to obtain this benefit. PANACEA reserves the right to corroborate the concurrence of these requirements and if it verifies that these are not met, it may cancel the registration or give the USER the option of canceling it or paying the full amount of the training program without the discount.

9. Billing

The invoice will be sent to the USER the following days after payment of the course in electronic format, taking into account the period of the right of withdrawal. When the order is placed, the customer automatically rejects the paper format, but if they wish to have a paper copy they can request said copy via email to our “Contact” section. With the non-payment of a fee by the student, PANACEA is empowered to claim the entire debt, both overdue and pending. Likewise, the fee that may apply will include the bank or management expenses that may arise from the breach of the payment obligation, with these expenses being borne by the obligated persons.

Once the fourteen days provided for the exercise of the right of withdrawal have elapsed – counting from the date of formalization of registration – both the USER and whoever undertakes to pay, if such condition falls on a third party, are jointly and severally obliged to pay. the entire amount of the contracted training action. If the USER does not pay the tuition or any of the installments agreed with PANACEA, this may result in the temporary suspension of the USER’s access to the educational content and, if appropriate, the termination of the contract and the effects it may have produced, without no right to reimbursement.

PANACEA may require, as a precondition for re-enrollment or the issuing of diplomas or certificates, the payment of outstanding amounts for any previously enrolled training programme.

10. Cancellation or modification of the Service

10.1. On the part of the USER:

Whenever the USER has exceeded the period of the right of withdrawal and wishes to cancel a course in which they have registered, they may do so if the course has not yet been provided and the cancellation must be sent in writing to

In the event that the Services are canceled by the USER 30 days or more before the scheduled start date of the Service, 70% of the payment made will be returned. In postgraduate-type courses, the cancellation period is extended to 60 days or more, with 70% of the payment made being returned.

Cancellation is only applicable at the request of the USER in cases of force majeure that make it impossible to start the contracted training in the course in question. In accordance with these terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to be, which will be assessed, after providing supporting documentation, by PANACEA:

  • Disease.
  • Work or professional causes.
  • Economic loss of the family unit.
  • Any other cause that is considered comparable to the above by PANACEA.

If the Service is canceled within 30 or 60 days prior to the scheduled start date, depending on the type of course to be taken (blended or online), it will not give rise to any refund.

10.2 From PANACEA:

a) If for any justified reason (such as an insufficient number of registrations for a specific training action) a course cannot be carried out, you will be notified of the cancellation and the full amount of the registration fee paid will be refunded. Other expenses and costs incurred by USER, including, but not limited to, those related to accommodation reservations or travel purchases, are excluded from any refund. In the event that PANACEA agrees to a postponement, the USER may keep the place or request a refund at no cost. If within five (5) business days from when PANACEA communicates the postponement nothing is communicated, it will be understood that the USER chooses to keep his/her place.

b) PANACEA reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to change the locations, dates or trainers of the advertised Training Services. In such circumstances, PANACEA will notify the Client of the changes as soon as possible.

11. Force Majeure

PANACEA will not be responsible for any non-compliance due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond its control, including but not limited to cases of force majeure, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, accidents, strikes, lockouts. or shortages of transportation, facilities, fuel, energy, labor or materials.

12. Obligations and responsibility of PANACEA

12.1 Service continuity and consistency

PANACEA expressly agrees to provide all its resources in the delivery, availability and provision of services in general and hereby undertakes to fulfil its obligation as a service provider to the best of its ability.

PANACEA undertakes to act with as much diligence and care as possible and to proceed to provide a quality service in accordance with generally recognised practices.

El USUARIO reconoce que la formación pueda no estar disponible en el caso que el mismo no pueda o sea incapaz de acceder a Internet o a este sitio web. En particular, es el USUARIO quien debe mantener su propia protección contra virus, así como la versión de su navegador.

Similarly, PANACEA disclaims any liability for unauthorised access to computer systems, or for the looting of any data as a result thereof. PANACEA shall in no event be liable for any damages related thereto, such as loss of operation, loss of profit, loss of value, damages or expenses.

13. Obligaciones y responsabilidad del USUARIO

13.1. Introduction

El USUARIO acepta expresamente haber verificado la compatibilidad entre su demanda y la oferta de servicios y reconoce plenamente la recepción de toda la información y el asesoramiento necesarios desde PANACEA, para que el presente acuerdo pueda entrar en vigor con el conocimiento y certeza vinculante.

El USUARIO será el único responsable de las consecuencias del incumplimiento de estos Términos y Condiciones.

13.2. Training development

El USUARIO se compromete a comprobar previamente que tiene las condiciones necesarias para asistir a la formación. Si el acceso a la plataforma se realiza directamente desde un ordenador conectado a Internet. El USUARIO reconoce que la formación puede no estar disponible en caso de que el mismo no pueda o sea incapaz de acceder a Internet o a este sitio web. El PRESTADOR no será responsable por la incapacidad del USUARIO para acceder a la formación, bajo estas circunstancias.

En particular, es el USUARIO quien debe mantener su propia protección contra virus, así como la versión de su navegador actualizada. El PRESTADOR no será responsable de ningún virus transmitido a través de su sitio web.

El USUARIO recibirá sus datos de acceso (nombre de usuario/contraseña) desde PANACEA. El acceso a la formación en línea, otorgado por PANACEA, es estrictamente privado. La transmisión de los datos de acceso (nombre de usuario/contraseña) a un tercero está estrictamente prohibida. El USUARIO acepta que no darán, bajo ninguna circunstancia, ya sea de forma gratuita o por una tarifa, el acceso a terceros, cualquiera que sea la forma. El USUARIO acepta que seguirá la capacitación con diligencia.

14. PANACEA podría utilizar el nombre del CLIENTE y/o su opinión, para fines publicitarios, pero esto sólo podría validarse con la autorización expresa del cliente.