VetCEE is the Accreditation of European Veterinary Post Graduate Continuous Education Programmes.. Veterinary Continuous Education in Europe (VetCEE), is a European, independent, reference, and non-profit institution founded in 2014.

VetCEE was born as a joint and ambitious program of the following European reference associations:

  • EAEVE – European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education (full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education -ENQUA)
  • EBVS – European Board of Veterinary Specialisation
  • FVE – Federation of Veterinarians of Europe
  • UEVP – Union of European Veterinary Practitioners

Why was VetCEE created?

VetCEE is the result of a growing and immediate need to regulate veterinary postgraduate education and to implement a system of continuing education within the rigorous and guaranteed framework of EAEVE and ENQUA.

In other words, it creates comparable international standards and assurance, for mid-level continuing professional education of veterinarians in Europe.


  1. To promote the highest standards in the development, delivery and harmonization of CVE (Center of Veterinary Education) and CPD (continuing professional development) of veterinarians.
  2. To contribute to high quality continuing professional development accessible to all veterinarians in Europe and thereby improve the quality of veterinary medicine.
VetCEE accreditation ensures the quality of continuing education programs in Europe. In doing so, it promotes the harmonization of European standards for postgraduate professional development programs and thus the mutual recognition of such programs throughout Europe.

At Panacea Vet, our courses are always taught by highly experienced specialist vets. We work to bring all our courses up to the standards of the highly prestigious VetCEE accreditation. Excellence in all the courses taught, can be guaranteed by doing this.