European, British or American Veterinary Specialist Diplomait is the highest level of veterinary specialization recognized internationally.

It is awarded to veterinarians who have received certification from the European and/or American College of their specialty and are the only veterinarians who are considered specialists worldwide.

It is a title that is achieved after undergoing complex and demanding training in a particular specialty, followed by a regulated examination at the European or American level.Therefore, the veterinarians who obtain it have previously had to go through a rigorous standardized and regulated training for the chosen subject.

A European, British or American Veterinary Specialist Diploma, it is the highest level of veterinary specialization recognized internationally.

How to become a Veterinary Specialist Diplomate?

To become a Diplomate Specialist in veterinary medicine, it is necessary to complete a series of steps that are not exempt of complexity:

1. A general rotating internship at a referral center is required. Here, the veterinarian is exposed to and rotates through all the disciplines available at the center and this is the decisive moment in which he/she usually chooses the specialty he/she will later wish to pursue.

2. At the end of the rotating internship, which lasts one year, the veterinarian continues with a specialty rotating internship.This consists of another year in which the intern works with the team of the chosen specialty, always under the supervision of a veterinarian specializing in that specialty.

3. Once the specialty rotation is completed, the veterinarian must continue with a three-year residency, which in some specialties can be extended up to four years. During this period, the resident is supervised by a specialist veterinarian who acts as a mentor.

4. In addition, the veterinarian must fulfill a series of additional requirements that complete this training, such as, for example, scientific publications, a number of journal club and book club hours, etc,

5. Once all these requirements have been fulfilled, in order to obtain the title of Veterinary Diploma Specialist, the veterinarian must pass a high level examination that is carried out at European, American or British level (this diploma has been displaced by the European diploma).

In Panacea Vet all our teaching staff are Diplomate Specialists with high national and international experience and great reputation.